Mexican freefall


does anyone know wha the scoring is based on in this game? i know its related to health, but is there any other factor? i have gotten different scores with the same health so there must be something else to it.


my highest score in that game was zero sooooo i have no fucking clue on how to play that game


hehe i h ad that problem at first too. then i realized you only get a score if you get all the way to the bottom. youll notice after some time the clouds start thinning and the ground starts getting closer, a little after that point it ends and you get a score (only problem is i have no idea what that score depends on!)


me either lol


i tried 3 times, second time i made it down with a score of 41, and then the third time i said :fu and played some offline halo2

damn i need xbox live :wtf


get xbox live and you can play with me and joe and the rest of the cool kids


when me = employed, maybe, but as of now, i cant :dunno

plus, im a meat bot, haha, im the first one everyone else goes after :owned


haha, like a gang kill and a gang tea bag. we did that last night- gang teabagged an oppenent lol


Re: RE: mexican freefall

um… do i want to know what that means??


crowch and lower you balls into the guys mouth. yes, i know what a teabag is. black people coffee bag though :tard

halo2 is a game that is fun as hell tho