I am also leaving MF. Like Joe said, there is a problem between us and amanda/ralph. We cant disclose anymore information, but I am no longer over there starting now. (sorry HRNB)

#2 can’t…say…maybe pm a lil bit of info to curious minds and then delete this post of mind to make it seem as if you never talked about anything…?..?..??..???>…?./?>??

…or not…


Does this mean no more good cop/bad cop for us?



but if you cant say, privacy is privacy


ok… fuck it… I will just tell you why. She was pissed that joe was starting a new site, so she OFFERED TO BUY our new website. I guess she senses alittle competition!! Joe said that he would just resign and let that be that… well then she demoted me when joe left!! She also bleeped out offtopicz and moddedmustangs from the forums. OFFTOPICZ has NOTHING to do with stangs… but whatever… I say screw them… :slight_smile:


V, let me ask you this: Is your trouble with MF’s related to you guys’s Offtipicz site?


Re: RE: MF

WOOT!! That’s what I’m talkin’ 'bout!!!


Thats pretty shitty of her. I have a feeling it has something to do with offtopicz, correct? Alot of ppl from there (the cool ones) are here, so she may feel threatened. Especially with some having links and whatnot that promote more users coming over here…


well she deleted the “links” last week. Anytime you type in offtopicz… it bleeps it out.

It has everything to do with joes new site and offtopicz. Like I said, I guess she feels competition.

(HRNB, I know your admin over there, but I am sorry… I am really mad right now)


I had a big feeling that was gonna happen…o well they are loosing all they’re old/cool members…so fuck em :booze


V…does she know about


yeah… thats the site she wanted to buy from joe!!. OK, its out of my system. :slight_smile:


Re: RE: MF

You know the “joes new site” she keeps referring to? That’s

I had a feeling that she wouldn’t like it that ppl from there have been brought over here, and more may follow. Hopefull HRnB will make MF a better place (good luck man).

Once MM is ready though it will be kickass, and everyone will wanna get in. But I know how awesome you guys are and when you need to appoint mods you will remember the regularz of OT who have been oh so faithful :smiley: …Someday I will be a mod of something(lol).
J/k…maybe… :smiley:


I didn’t even know you got de-modded :wtf

when did that happen?!?!?


Whos ralph, and did they say anything that wasn’t very nice to either of u? Just curious…


IMO, Amanda has caused MF to go downhill for a while. -Big surprise coming from me…


Haha…i thought she wanted to buy Offtopicz at first? :rofl


Re: RE: MF

Ralph owns MF :think


They demoded me when joe resigned… aint that messed up?? I came to the site today because HRNB told me to check out a thread in the mods sections and realized I didnt have the mods section anymore!! I had no PM telling me what the deal was or anything. I think that is messed up. Everyone should leave LOL… Sorry. im just venting!!


that is wholly unprofessional of whatserface. but whatever, just dont ever become like all the shit you just described :smiley: