Michaels trial?


SSSSSOOOOO … whats every one think about Michael right now ???


I’m probably in the huge minorty, but I tend to believe he’s just too stupid to know any better. I think he loves kids (non sexually), and doesn’t act like a grown up around them.

That being said though, You and I, and everybody else in the room have never met anybody involved, so we have to remember that we don’t know anything about it. I try to keep myself reminded about that.


i nevr et him or the people involved, but i agree with intruderls1, i think that he is not guilty and the accusers are after his $.

edit: after the 93 trial, youd think he wouldnt be doing conspicuous things around children…


can they leave the man alone for a month??? everytime one trial ends, another one starts up… i agree with everyone else, they are after his money.


i dunno… I BELIEVE he is guilty…


Ever since he dragged that guy down the desert with his pick-up people have been all over his ass, sheesh…wait…what are we talking about :think


I don’t think he raped that kid, but they should issue a court order that says he can’t hang out with little kids any more, he’s way to weird.


Taking notes

Weird = Good legal argument.

Grose = Bad legal argument.


Got it. :fu


Damn, I’m going to stop posting respnces to you Mac. It’s honestly not anything hostile or something stupid, (I actually kinda like your liberal self) but it seems like it every time I respond it comes across as a punk thing to say. :dunno


Taking notes

Weird = Good legal argument.

Grose = Bad legal argument.


Got it. :fu[/quote]
GROSS!! lol j/k :lol but I wasn’t using weird as a legal argument, just as a funny thing, because damn is he ever weird. :tard


I can honestly say I am sick of seeing his face on the news everynight, it’s hideous!


My sons G/F said she heard the kid say MJ didn’t touch him after all. Did anyone else hear this?


I head it on the radio last night. It wasn’t to the court, it was to his school principal shortly after he got back to school.


I said it before and I’ll say it again.

I don’t want to jusge anyone and I don’t have any idea if he’s guilty or not.

HOWEVER, he has definitely acted inappropriately with children and given people a reason to suspect him of something and that should be examined and questioned.

That’s the way democracy works…well, that’s the way it’s SUPPOSED to work.

If he’s not guilty, then I feel absolutely terrible for him. What he is going through and the accusations would be a nightmare for an INNOCENT man, but if he happens to be guilty…he’s gotta be PUNISHED!


I did see on the news about the kid saying … That Micheal really didnt do anything bad to him … But you see the lean against his house for money he owes …Wonder if he can lose Neverland ???


Guilty, innocent, who cares? Lets just call it stike three and throw his ass in jail… It’s not like he’s coming up with any new music. :dunno


I’m with recklesstim. honestly, three hot meals a day and cable… he’ll be fine.


Maybe he will be fine… if they don’t take his glue away…



You think the sissy would make it in Prison ??? i wonder :dunno


still guilty in my book