Might be a father


WELL… she took two different tests last night and both came up posative. one had two solid lines and the other had a plus sign… looks like there is going to be a mini me running around. i don’t want to give my hopes up yet. i am waiting for the doc to give the final “yyyeeeaaahhhh”… lol… it really hasn’t hit me yet though… i’m still in shock or something… i have so much going through my head right now… its all good things though… we were both thinking about getting out of the navy, but i think that will get put on the back burner. she will probably extend until after the birth… i will probably stay in for a FEW more years. oh my… wish me luck!


I might be :dunno j/k… I hope all works well for you :smiley:


:rock congrats man. i wish you and the GF/wife luck.


Dood that’s awsome. Your gonna be a dad! :smiley:


Do NOT I repeet Do NOT sell the Mustang


congrates! It will hit you when you hear the heart beat for the first time. :slight_smile:


thanks everyone!! i am still in this blank, for lack of better words, state of mind. but then i am thinking about soooo much.?.?.?.?.?

TRUST ME WHEN I SAY THE MUSTANG STAYS!!! i planned on getting it fixed and not racing for while before all of this… so no worries about the stang…


Damn dude! You got her knocked up already? You’ve only been dating for 3 months! lol!!!


:funnah :funnah


Re: RE: might be a father…

thats a hell of a first post… fucker… lol its actually been 5 months now. we just went with the flow and here we are :dunno


It has not been 5 months! That would put you two dating in April and I still remember the day you went to the bar with her in June! And then the day you went on that trouble call to the base that shall remain nameless with her…also late May, early June timeframe.


If you had 2 that were both positive, you can be pretty sure its true!!! If anything those might have a false negative….but never a false positive!!!



Congrats. :smiley:




oh noes!!! dirty diapers!! run!!!

congrats :rock


thanks everyone!! and we can now make that three positive test… :smiley:

  1. congratulations
  2. i guess your avatar has some meaning to it :smiley:
    and 3) you ever on va beach blvd ?? i see a white '99-'04 that looks about like yours a lot…you running big n littles right ?? if it is you, ever notice a Green/Silver '92 GT ??

again, congrats on the lil one.