Might have an opening


So … yeah…

Saturday my dad had a “thank you OTS” golf outting. My team came in first, and Sam got drunk. He had 11 of 12 and I had the other beer out of his dozen.

After the outting we all went back to my dads to have steaks and chicken, yada yada.

Well I think Sam had about 5 more beers. Piss drunk.

I find out today that he hit a fire hydrant on the way home and ran. He was arrested on OWI and leaving the scene of an accident. Meaning he might not have a job tomorrow since he has to be in court at 9 am.

So… I get a semi offer of a job since I’m out of one right now. I need to work on my communication, and managerial skills to be able to have this job.

He’s not looking for someone who wants a job, he’s looking for someone who wants a career and he’s always wanted to keep the legacy going by having both his sons and his daughter working there. I know I want to go back, but I don’t know what kind of commitment I can make. I have aspirations of my own as well, and I don’t want to go back and then have to go through the quitting again.

If I go back I won’t and can’t quit, but I seriously need a job to work at. My mom had been pressuring me into it as well, and I feel like I should.

What do you all think?


id say talk it over, sleep on it for a little bit, and get back to him with your decision…

but dont ask the more important question of how much will i be making, but most important questions like what advancement opportunities are there in this career path…

:dunno do what your mind and gut tell you… other than that, good luck to ya in your decision…


The position he wants me to do is be a lead tech. Not an assistant. I can do that, but I can’t do that and be sent to jobs with systems that I don’t know. I could wiz through a WIN, ESI or Comdial system… but nortells and other brands I didn’t like working on. He also wants me to be an inventory manager. Organize inventory, catalog inventory and keep the inventory room cleaned and easy to navigate through. I can do this. But I need time.

PS I already have 2 years experience working there.


is this some sort of telephone company, cuz all i know from that list is WIN… which in my world stands for microsoft WINdows…

but why dont you like the other systems?


They’re harder to program. With a WIN all you do is grab a laptop, pop in the serial cable and start typing codes and numbers. It’s simple.

ESI’s are TOO easy to program, and Comdials are a sinch since the new system is programmed by phone and the codes are all easy to remember.

btw yes I’m talking about digital telephone systems.

Here are some ESI phones:

Some of the systems that I hated programming are TIE, nitsuko, ATT/Lucent, and Toshibas.


so you make the buttons work?


something i want to do, and currently pursuing on my own, is making an operating system sorta like windows, but all done by myself… its gonna take some time / dedication / yadayada, but hopefully will be all good in the end…


no no i don’t make the buttons, those are just pictures of the phones.

We install Win/ESI/comdial and program the buttons and systems. We trouble shoot and fix all makes of systems as well.


Re: RE: Might have an opening.

[quote=2000Si]no no i don’t make the buttons, those are just pictures of the phones.

We install Win/ESI/comdial and program the buttons and systems. We trouble shoot and fix all makes of systems as well.[/quote]

lol, i meant that when the user of the phone presses a button, they depend on you to make the buttons do what they are supposed to do… not that you actually MAKE the buttons.

good to here that there is some tech support still in the us… damn outsourcing…


I think I made up my mind. I was talking to a few people at OTS yesterday and brought up the fact that I have my own aspirations toward life. I’d like to get an ASE certification and eventually open up my own shop.

I can’t do any of this with a lifetime commitment to OTS like my brother has.

The thing is, I have to wait for waterfield to call me back about a job before I can really go in and say this. I honestly want to work at OTS for a loooong time since it’s my dads dream to keep it a family owned business. But, I can’t work there and be like my brother.

He is basically financially set. His wife makes 50k a year, he has a house, tv, yada yada. He’s not worrying about making 900 in bills a month, so he works a lot of Overtime without pay.

I simply cannot afford to do that. I need to be financially set, and I can’t do that working for my dad… because then I’ll feel as if I’m just taking money from the business and putting it into my own pocket.