Military Simulation Games

Those with an interest in the military can experience simulated battle without leaving Southwest Michigan. For those who prefer a physical experience of war, there’s airsoft military-simulation games, such as one last weekend at Hole-in-the-Wall Paintball in Bangor. Airsoft is similar to the more widely known paintball. Airsoft weapons differ from paintball guns in that […]

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Unless you drop a good sum of money on an Airsoft gun, they will break pretty fast.

I got a pretty good AirSoft gun in Japan, then we all proceeded to play military simulation games in the barracks hallways…

This is one of the best airsoft suppliers out there. HUGE stock:

Airsoft Gun Web-Shop - UNCompany - Professional online airsoft gunshop

I’ve beent thinking about getting into airsoft (as apposed to paintball) due to price.

Yeah paintball can get pretty expensive after a while.