Misadventure of the day


Well, I knew it was coming sooner or later, I had just hoped it would be more later than sooner. I finally laid my bike down.http://www.abestweb.com/smilies/bike.gif I got me a fine little case of road rash in the process. I was coming around a sharp turn going the speed limit and met an 18 wheeler thet was halfway in my lane. I went wide to avoid the truck and got in some loose gravel on the road. As soon as I hit the gravel I slid into the ditch and went down in the rocks. I hate it but I have a lot to be thankful for b/c it could have been a whole lot worse. It happened so fast that I never even seen a name or liscence plate on the truck. He was gone before the bike even came to rest. Im sure it wasnt a runaway thing. It happened so fast that he more than lokeley didnt even see it so I didnt call the police. The damage to the bike was mostly cosmetic (I picked it up and rode it the rest of the way home) but the real bitch of it is that this is only the second time Ive riden it since I replaced the parts that were damaged when the last owner laid it over. Now thier ruined and I get to do it all over again. :tard Heres some pics of the road rash. Ill post a few pics of the bike tomorrow. Oh, and i already know that man bewbs pwn me. :smiley:




fucking ow. could of been alot worse. could of hit your head. glad your ok tho.


Look painfull, Glad your ok.


Damn bro. Pour some rubbing alchicol on dat shit!


Thats burn cream that is on it in the pic. i would have opted for just pouring some alcohol on it yesterday. The nurse had to take some guaze pads and soak them in antibacterial soap the SCRUB the open wounds. Talk about painful. Actually doing it didnt hurt at all compared to getting cleaned up and healing.


ouch ouch ouch.


Yall just be thankful that yall arent around him today. WOW! He is hurtin and he is moooooody! Im having to be on my toes to make sure I dont say or do the wrong thing to annoy him. I cant wait until he starts feeling better again.


That looks ouchy…

Worst injury I’ve ever had was a month ago, when I wasn’t paying attention and the 240 tongan guy roller over my arm…you can probably imagine what happened! I broke my thumb, my ulna bone and torn a tendon in my wrist. So it took 5 weeks to recover, which was surprisingly fast, and I got to play in the playoff game.


:funnah :funnah :rofl :rofl lauging at hurt911gen’s title


holy crap, someone already got to him!!! :rofl


:funnah yeah i know. i wondered who would do that. he seems pretty cool. :dunno


:smiley: [smiling through teeth] People really do care if I’m a fag or not


Re: RE: Misadventure of the day

No, actually nobody really cares about you.


Well that fucking sucks. Glad you’re ok though.

… and thanks, I just started eating my burger too.


OMG :o

boss a robot!

( the little silver metallic look of the cream in the first pic