Mitsubishi 3000 GT vs. 2001 Cadillac seville sls


Ok heres the story…i race this gut one day in a red mitsubishi 3000 GT for 20 bucks right…i killed him i mean it wasn’t even close…so i am eating diner like a month later and this guy comes over to me and its the same guy…he says he wants to race again this time for 75 bucks cause he was been “working” on his driving…so i accept and we go out and do it…i beat him again by the same distance, but this time he gets pissed cuts across 3 lines and tries to get away with my money…i turned around and floored it and eventually caught him and got my money(he only had 20 bucks so i took that and left) it was halarious…tell me what you thing of this experience…it was great haha :lol


Well one thing, never ever trust a person to pay off a bet. Always put your money in neutrel hands. That’s basic stuff there. yea uhh, Who’s Caddy is it?


its mine…birthday present…grand parents gave it to me for no apparent reason


i thoight the story was hilarious. if he hadnt done anyhting to the car he must have felt dumb trying to go at it again. i bet thats the last time he tries against you.


That dude is seriously a tard “dood my driving is the shittyness now, lets do this stuff again man”. Unless hes been working on his CAR he is :tard for that. Good story. :smiley:


Nice Kills!

I definitely think next time someone neutral should hold the cash, but atleast you never lost any of your money on the deal.


He must have had just the regular v6… not smart on his part.

The SL and thevr4 are like comparing a v6 mustang to a cobra.


i know. ive seen his caddy run… and from riding side-by-side at 70, he took off and flew past me like i was sitting still

i have a v6


My dad has one, and from a roll it’s almost as fast as my 2000 Z28 was. I would pull him, but not very hard.

Nothing like putting the smack down in a Caddy. LOL Luxory ownage. :lol :lol


Me and Cadillac01 are like best buds, i ride with him all the time, you really dont want to mess with that thing. Its fast as no other!! When it hits 70mph it just pulls u back in the seat and shoots right to 100!


I’ll race ya! his time, make it for a hundred.