after i got my car lowered, i decided to advertise for joe’s new site…



gotta do something special for you. get some closeups and what font and letter size is it?


font is “Highway Gothic Medium Lenghtened”

letter height is 2.5" and the M and M are .25" vertical stretch.

the banner length is 42"


heres a cool pic…[/list]


and ill upload a real closeup in a sec. it started to rain when i was taking pics lol…


Looks sick!

I like it alot! :rock


close up…


The word Modded Mustang just looks so cool on a Stang. Joe, you for sure need to get some made. :rock

Good job blue


i love the site name- it is sick, intimidating and kickass. thanks for the compliments guys. ill be going to hilton head island form this coming up sat for a whoe week. i wonder how many new members or hits the site will get?


how much did it cost?


btw, it looks awesome!


20 bucks installed at a local tint and custom shop.


looks sweet man


That looks nice. My friend just picked herself up a 2002 V6 stang in yellow. It’s so clean, she loves it.

She was showing it to me today after work and she was actually beaming.


Re: RE: advertisement…

[quote=AtlanticBlue99]heres a cool pic…[/list][/quote]

badass man :rock :rock


well, joe is having me go out and find someone to make some for the site now. lol. We are also going to look into shirts, ect.


awesome! are you going with the same font/style as i did? i tried to get an agressive font that can be easily read from a distance…

i will definitely sport a shirt as well.


more than likely we will be.

do you have yahoo messenger?


i have aim. not yahoo. my aim screenname is AtlanticBlue1999


ok, im logging on