MM&FF Magazine!


has anyone else got their issue yet… look on page 78 and 79. thats my baby!! i was the only car that had all the stock interior still in it, everything except the spare tire. anyway, thats my baby


Congrats dood. Im headed out to get it. :smiley:


Dat were me up there :smiley:


I will check it out later :smiley:


cool good deal


readin the article right now


rushes to the store to buy it


I thought that was you! Congrats!


BTW, why did you have the other dude driving it??? Also, are you closer to 11’s now really?


Went to the mag rack at Wallyworld and they didnt have the newest edition. :dunno The one they had was dated to be taken off the stand today. So, I guess Ill go back tomorrow. :dunno


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work wouldn’t let me off, so him being my roommate/mechanic, there was no one else i would have trusted to run my car. the power to weight ratio came into effect up there. i weighed in at 32?? when i ran the 12.59 and ran the 12.8? at 3390. it rounds out to be right, a tenth for every 100lbs… 11’s are going to take a little longer than i wanted. i won’t even be able to make FFW this year. FFW is this weekend and i really don’t have any money to fix the tranny or make the trip. by me putting on all those gay ass stickers, hopefully i can get some hook ups on parts… just like the article said, the money came slow for parts…


nice- i work at a grocery store as a bagger/cashier and i read through it today! nice ride and i do loe that mag, even though it has no performance stuff for us v6ers


we have the issue and are going to scan it and post it for you so everyone can see it. We will probably do it tommorrow.


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Thats very nice of ya V :smiley:


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awesome, thanks V!!


V where is it :dunno


I am to poor to get those mags.


lol, i havent runned to joes work yet… I will be heading up there in an hour.


Hurry V, hurry up.


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Well shit V just cuz you got Boobars doesn’t meen that all men will wait on ya :rofl