Mmmm new vettes :)


Got my frist ride in one last night… and oh my god, if i had the money ied lose my mach for one in a second… it was so nice

The car just slightly trembles at idle but you can feel it, and when you unlease the power its amazing

redlining first to 50mph, nailing second chirping the tires… nailing third chirping the tires… man it was so nice, so smooth so amazing

The ehxaust tone is great… not toi loud to attract to much attention from the cops (but you do no matter what, pulled over once no ticket though) but it still sounds so mean so low… so nice…

Took out a stang, and a few ricers… even had some 40 year old in a toyota 4 door revving at us

Man i just had to talk about it i loved it to much


thats awesome. yeah i love the new vettes. 05>53-04


nice. i wanna see the new Z06 in person…i love the C5’s…im still mixed on the reg C6’s, but, im sure the new Z would have me craving one…that and the 505hp pushrod power :smiley: