Mod/Admin Help! (But only joking, sort of)

Ok, here’s the story. Amber is like 450 posts ahead of me. Her being my wife and all, I think it’s wrong for her to have a bigger e-penis than I do. Is there some way to maybe give her a timeout for a month or so? Price is not an option! :slight_smile:

Keep bitching. It only gives me more to responed to.

See, this is what I’m talking about. Can we at least ban her from this thread?

Hahaha, nice try.

Maybe for atrocious spelling. Responed isn’t even a word!

I have never claimed that I can spell.

Yet you can teach? Cut it out woman, or they’ll have to retitle this the Donnie/Amber PW Thread.

aww you guys are cute :smiley: just go whore some more dt, you will catch her!

I whore, then she whores right after me! I’m going to work now Amber, quit posting!!!

haha i bet next youll be asking us to remove the 30 second between posts rule…lmao

Aww isn’t that cute. Amber wears the pants in that marriage. :tongue:



LOL this is to funny!

lets keep this thread going… :-p whore it up donnie!

Actually donnie, I just realized something.

If need be, you can take it out on me because I’m the one that noticed her just viewing and said she needs to post more.

She’s been floatin’ through her post count ever since. :smiley:


I told him it was your fault but he doesn’t listen.

:rofl2: dt is feeling insecure because his wife has a bigger penis than him! Aww bless!:smiley: :wink:

He’s just jealous.

yoyoyou but what are you 2 doing to catch me

I’m working on it.

don’t bother because its not going ot happen until I’m ready to pass the torch