Modern Fascism


A book written but a dude who has no idea what Fascism is because he thinks that it is full on capitalist/corporatism and who is also pushes Marxism. Biased book my dude.
If you want to know the social and political doctrine of Fascism, look up the book that is made to show that, “The Social and Political Doctrine of Fascism” by Benito Mussolini and then read up on Giovanni Gentile’s books. That is what Fascism is and can be. I don’t agree with it all, as I think Democracy can work in the system it presents.


A private military will almost always trump a conscript army. Morale is a make or break thing.


But a professional army trumps both. Better morale and training than a conscript army and far more loyal than a private one. Only issue is manpower, but since training and equipment are more important than sheer numbers nowadays that’s not a big deal. A professional force with a conscripted reserve works best if you absolutely need a big military IMO


This is why benevolent dictators are far less common than despots


My mistake, by private I meant a non-conscript one, not a mercenary army.


Also, I embrace the neo-Fascist idea that a Fascist leader doesn’t need to be a president for life; I honestly think that a Fascist leader just needs to be imperialist, anti-immigration, and autocratic when it comes to issues within the executive.


That makes more sense. Historically mercenary armies are generally a bad idea. It killed the Romans, it crippled the Byzantines (the crusaders were technically religious warriors, but lets be honest, they were glorified mercenaries), and it typically never works out


You seem more reactionary to me than fascist or autocratic.


Fascist is reactionary when it needs to be my dude.


When I say reactionary, I mean like Bismarck or perhaps Putin. When I say Fascist, I’m talking Mussolini or Franco. Reactionaries typically have at least some sort of public voice and democratic system, fascism doesn’t


Heck, you learn something new everyday. I knew I wasn’t 100% Blackshirt, guess I never really looked too deep into it. Hey, I’m a reactionary now.


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That’s true, that’s true, but I still want everyone to have some sort of military training.


Also I’m not fully autocratic/fascist. I’m just interested in autocricies for the time-being, but its kinda hard to argue for them, so I’m sort of trying to. I’m not really against any form of government, and right now I’m just trying to establish a position for autocricies, so sorry (again) if they seem half-assed and illogical. I like to try and be all over the place because imo all governments at some point become corrupt and/or fall so might as well be okay witht them all.


To force people to get military training just implement it with the youth (Military Schools) rather than the adult public.


That’s true. I guess like have a year or two between like Middle and High School for military school. I think that would be helpful.


Summer program would work better. A gap between middle and high school would probably stunt student growth and harm education as a whole


Would it? I mean if you continue their education but just mix it in with militaristic stuff. Maybe making like middle school a military school with regular middle-school stuff would work?


Military education should be second priority until you get past high school. Israel’s system actually is a perfect example IMO of a state that balances military and academic education


They do it after high school right? Like it’s mandatory year or two in the army?