Modern Fascism


Yeah, I think so


Then yeah I approve of that.


interesting concept, seems pretty reasonable, any thoughts on whether or not this would apply to classic communist or fascist dictatorships? Basically I don’t know if the theory sufficiently takes into account regimes like Stalin’s where loyalty to the leader is garnered from a climate of fear and ideological fervor rather than wealth.


It always applies. Stalin was good at gaming the system to make sure he got the keys to power on his side. Basically, he ensured that if they wanted to topple him they’d just end up fighting amongst themselves. He basically tied them against each other so that in order for each individual key to retain power they needed to maintain loyalty to him. Once Stalin died and his cult of personality died the keys immediately went to work to prevent another man like him from controlling them again. That’s how we got Khrushchev, who is arguably the most competent of the Soviet leaders