Monkey rampage


pretty crazy stuff… if i ever saw a monkey coming at me, i sure as hell wouldn’t just stand there, i would spank that monkey :rofl


I knew this would happen. They’re taking over :wtf


hey that looks like someone I know


Actually in addition to ripping off his face, it tore off his testicles, and it bit off the ladies thumb


monkey must have been jealous of the dastardly man with large testicles because the lady was rubbing them with her thumb :dunno


Just can’t trust the Monkeys these days… jjjjjjjjjust can’t trust 'em. Bad monkeys. :spank


I would run like the wind!! lol…


i think its kinda funny in a way… people take exotic animals out of their enviroment and put them in a household with people. these are wild animals people… then they want to kill or have to kill the animal when it turns on the caretaker… doesn’t make sense and kinda pisses me off. anyway… don’t get me wrong here, i am not a tree hugger/ green peace kinda dude, i just can’t stand people… not everyone of course, i mean, i love you guys/girls… :smiley:


I used to have sentry watch at this Weapons depot. Over seas. It was located right in the middle of a tropical jungle. The frigging monkeys used to hide in the jungle just out of sight while we were walking the roads. They would come out behind us and throw rocks at us. No lie and sometimes they would hide in the dumpsters looking for scraps. We would have to bang the dumpster and check for them before we opend the side doors to throw our trash away.


I’d run and pass wind.

You farted I was scared


That’s crazy!! :lol :lol


can you say target practice… i love animals and all, but if a monkey is going to throw rocks at me… oh, its on… self defense right??? lol


I’d run and pass wind.

You farted I was scared[/quote]


ambushed by monkeys. thats funny


what a horrible way to lose your testicals, imagine trying to tell somebody what happened “and then the damn monkey ripped my balls off”


I know a guy who took in a rescued monkey from somewhere.

It used to stand on the side of the couch and jerk off on people…or pee in your shoes.

I didn’t go over there much.