Monsters vs. Aliens

Is HILARIOUS…go see it now! :smiley:

Anyone else see it?

eh, not into kids movies.

Why’s it have to be a kids movie? It’s a family movie. It’s like saying cartoons are purely for children.

Looks funny. I’m considering it.

let me rephrase that then: I’m not into FAMILY movies, I pretty much watch only horror films, the gorier the better.

i hate horror flicks. such a waste.

I love them, next to MMA they are my favorite thing in the world, most of todays films suck, '70s and '80s exploitation films are the best, fucking beautiful.

I really wanna go see it! I’m hoping my theater’s new 3D stuff is working. Did you see it 3D

Soleil wants to go see this but we haven’t gotten around to it yet. If it’s good, we might have to!

I want to go see it, and I still need to go see Watchmen.

I THOUGHT we were seeing it in 3D. When we got there, our showing was not 3D. I was pissed, lol.

I can’t wait to see this movie! Maybe I’ll suprise the kids with going to it tonight after meeting Michaels teacher. HMMMM maybe.

I SAW IT IN 3D!!! Omygosh it was so cool! If you haven’t seen it yet, you must! I paid $2 extra per ticket, but it was so worth it! And it’s hilarious!

Soleil and I saw it last night in 3D…so awesome! She loved it and so did I.