Morning After Pill


I’m sure you all know what it is used for. You use it during the first 24 hours after having unprotected sex and it cuts down the percentage of you getting pregnant by 89%. Do you think that it should be offered over the counter? I think Yes and No. I think yes because it would cut down a ton if unplanned pregnancies (especially in young people). And I think No, because I think it might encourage irresponsible sexual behavior. It’s a tough one for me. I’m thinking that maybe if you’re over 16 yrs old that you can get it at the Pharmacy without a RX. And if you’re under 16 yrs old that you need to see a DR to get an RX to get the Pill.


I really don’t have an opinion on this…I don’t have a daughter but I have a few nieces that if any boy thinks they are going to get their hand on are going to wind up with broken bones…another form of birth control…over protective uncle


I definitely think it should be over the counter, and 16 sounds like a good age. I think people are going to have sex and be irresponsible about it regardless. Already right now there’s a lot of teen pregnancies, but anyone can buy condoms. So the irresponsibility is already there. I think the morning after pill would at least give them a chance to realize they made a mistake and have a chance to prevent the consequences of unprotected sex… Plus my girlfriend is too embarassed to go to the doctor to get birth control pills, and I really don’t like condoms…


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So, let me get this straight, Your gf will spread her legs for you but shes to shy to go to the doc? And you like sex but you dont care if she gets knocked up or you come home with something AJAX wont wash off?? :tard :tard


The subject in general is touchy for me. It is almost borderline abortion. But, this pill does not actually kill an already created baby, but prevents the fertilized egg from implanting into the woman’s uterus.

Should this be an over-the-counter medication? NO. I am speaking from experience, and it is not as simple of a procedure as you may think. When I had my experience with this it was with my husband. If you are not married, you’d better be using a condom!!! There are much worse things out there than being preggo! That’s the first reason not to have them sold over the counter.

It’s not actually one pill, but four. You take them in sequence throughout the first day. It causes your body to have a cycle. But, your body was not ready to have a cycle, or you wouldn’t be worried about being pregnant. It was actually fairly painful, for me at least. It also messed up my cycles for at least 6 months. For the first couple of months I had several cycles a month. Because of that reason, I think it needs to monitored by a physician.


hmmmm… this advocates unsafe sex… aids and herpes for all. i have a bag of aids sitting next to me as we speak… anyone wants some… just pm me


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[quote=red plate]hmmmm… this advocates unsafe sex… aids and herpes for all. i have a bag of aids sitting next to me as we speak… anyone wants some… just pm me[/quote] :wtf :tard


I’ll take 2… :wtf :barf


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I think I’ll pass…weirdo