Morning Sickness

All you moms out there, how long did it take to get over it? Amber was reading about it online yesterday, but I trust you guys more than Wikipedia!

occ with me for the entire first trimester with both of my kids. Just make sure she still gets enough fluids or they will put her in the hospital

God that’s a long time…

Mine lasted until 16 weeks in.

Try giving her some ginger biscuits or such. Also, let her eat a dry cracker or two before getting out of bed in the morning.

I’m almost in my 3rd trimester, and I would say that morning sickness lasted through the first trimester with me. And Vs right. With the warm weather coming up make sure she is drinking between 8-10 glasses a day She may dehydrate very quickly and end up in the hospital.

I agree with butterfly… before she gets out of bed in the am eat a few saltine crackers. She probably doesnt feel like eating anything at all, but just having a few crackers helps stop the nauseousness (sp?). Mine lasted thru the first trimester. My sister got lucky and didnt get ANY morning sickness!

just wait to see how she feels when she starts craving pickles and ice cream

I hate pickles…

I’ve been feeling much better today (I can eat, though not a lot at a time). Ginger ale seems and water hasn’t bothered me yet. The only problem with eating when I wake up is my thyroid medicine. I have to take that an hour before or after eating and I take it right after waking up. I’ll have to see how I feel the next couple of mornings before I change anything.

my secret was to have saltine crackers EVERYWHERE!! Also, I would have to wake up early in the morning to eat breakfast, because if i waited, I would get sick. :frowning:

guys i actually had no idea that you were pregnant. How far along are you guys and when did you find out???

About five weeks and we found out Saturday.

oh wow! well congrats!!

I wasnt sick with Morgan at all but with Jon it was the the first trimester also, like V said saltine crackers a mommies best friend

I didnt get sick at all. Not one time. hides

for me saltine crackers didn’t work. When I woke up in the morning, I couldn’t eat anything at all. I could barely drink water without gagging it up. I couldn’t even imagine eating dry crackers.