Moving out finally

as some of you know things havent been good in my house for a long time, well Ive decided its time to move out. When I come back from NY Im leaving. Im happy and sad about it all at the same time if that makes any sense, happy that the fighting is going to end and that I can move on, because the feelings arent there anymore but sad that my marriage just didnt work I got married forever, and never thought this could happen to me. Anyway on to the question, its about my daughter whos 4 any suggestions to make this as easy as possible on her would be appreciated. Yes shes coming with me but we will be sharing her as far as visitation.

All I can suggest is to make sure you talk to her about it. I talked to austin and jacob and got them excited about a new place for us. :slight_smile: It was still hard on them (still is) but it went alittle smoother.

Im sorry to hear about whats happening. I am hear for you. You have my numbers if you want to call me. If I can do it, anyone can do it and YOU are WAY more stronger than i am.

Im not sure about that V! Im sure I will be in touch with you alot hun!!

GoodLuck Audra on Whatever

From what I have seen. You are a very strong woman! I know you can make it through this time. We are all here for you. :slight_smile:

Yepp we are

Good Luck Audra! We will be here rooting for ya! My advice about your daughter is just try and act on peaceful terms with your husband when she is around yall…she has already had to put up with hearing a lot of fights from what it sounds like, and you want to make this transition a positive one if possible, which means that when she sees yall and you are not fighting with each other, maybe she will see that it is the best thing. Give her tons of mommy time and let her know how much you love her, and understand that she might lash out a little bit. I’m not speaking from experience obviously but I know a lot about kiddos, I still remember being one :-p

Dag I’m sorry to hear that giiirl. But I hope you the best. I dont have any advice for you about yer daughter. I’ve never been in the situation. But if you need someone to talk to, pm ol’boom boom. ; )

Damn! I’m sorry to here that!:frowning: Can’t really give you any advice because I’ve never been in that situation but good luck and I hope everything works itself out in the end.:slight_smile:

Audra, you are a Strong woman, and you know you are doing what is right for you… and that is what is important right now.

Although this will be tough on your Daughter, Kids are Resilient, and its not like she wont see her dad, she will probably be a bit upset, have her moments, And there may definant trials with her for a while… But this is what you need to do for you,

Best of luck Hun. my thoughts are with you.

Ah, Audra.

I am so sorry to hear this. I really hope your move goes Ok and that your new place will feel home to you very quickly.

With yr daughter, maybe you and she could arrange her things in her new room first. If you get keys before you actually move in, how about taking some pics for the walls if you already them where you are now, some ornaments if you have them and a few other similar things to put in yr new place before you even walk in the door with her. This will give her a bit of familiarity for when the moving day happens and you both have that 1st step in the door together. Keep things that she’s comfy with too, like her own bed, sheets etc.

Hope it all goes OK.:slight_smile:

I don’t know what to say, Audra. I saw this coming eventually and I wish ya the best of luck getting everything set. :slight_smile:

(I’ve got an extra bedroom.) :tongue:


sorry to see this is finally happening.

is this just your daughters father or your sons also. if aso what does he think about it??

Im so sorry that things have ended the way they have. Its hard to know that things werent “meant” to be. I guess us women never wanna think things will end like this when we fall in love and I hate that it does sometimes happen. Maybe, hopefully theres something, someone better out there for you.

[quote=“Haus, post: 310374”]sorry to see this is finally happening.

is this just your daughters father or your sons also. if aso what does he think about it??[/quote]
just my daughters, my son is ok hes old enough to understand that sometimes things dont work out how we like them to, but hes being very supportive

I was in the same situation when i was three. my mom and dad fought all the time and ended up getting a divorce. My parents dont talk anymore. Just try to end it on the best terms that you can. My dad tried to gain custody(spelt wrong) of me and my brother a few years back. so dont be so quick to leave that you dont set up boundries for when your daughter gets older. It would have made my life easier if my parents would have done the same thing.

Long memory there, Ram - you seem to have turned out well for it though and very wise.:slight_smile:

Good for you.

Thank you. I hope the little girl can get the same compliment when she is my age.

With a mum like hers, I am sure she will:)

well the first place I went to look at today was a bust, you would think that if you knew your landlord was going to show the place you might want to clean up a bit HELL NO! not these people yuck!!! There was dirty dishes and laundry hell they didnt even make their beds for the occasion no thanks Ill look elsewhere!