Moving things around


Everyone, I just wanted yall to know that we are not deleting anyones threads, just moving everything to the appropriote sections. :slight_smile: If you cant find a thread, let me know and i will help you look for it.


yeah i was shocked when i got home and saw double the categories. looks good. i dint think it would happen this soon. makes the site look cleaner and not so cluttered with almost everything in the offtopic section


I like how V made us an “Underground” section mainly for posting cooter pictures


well she likes the cooter pics…haha…sorry V going back to work now


that is to all of you men!


Re: RE: Moving things around…


that is to all of you men![/quote]

Ouch :tard


I got on here… then I saw all these different categories… then I got confused and accidently moved a thread.

I’m still confused… all this moving around makes me forget where things are.

lies down and begins to suck his thumb


lol. same here… its confusing right now.


my eyes and brain hurts from looking at all the threads


your brain always hurts.


well thats because I’m 1/2 Polish…if I think for loger than a second it hurts


i opened ie. i clicked on the bookmark to the welcome page, and noticed the different header picture.

i noticed that there was 662 registered users. ( woot )

and then i clicked on the forum link from the welcome page.


( i was like, hey new section with 2 subposting areas, and then got lost )



haha… i felt :owned when I was having to move all that shit… and Im not even 1/2 way through yet.