Mr 3000


yup just hit my 3000th post…in my best bruce campbell voicehail to the king


It’s not the quanity, it’s the quality of the posts that count for me. :dunno


hail to the king we have found the person with the most time on their hands in the world. And we pay for it with our tax dollars. YAY!!! haha j/k :lol


just remember I help keep you safe at night when your tucked away under the blanket sleeping and thinking happy thoughts…I’m up doing military things at all hours



maybe you need to blow my fridge up… it just made some weired noises… :dunno


Jebus, I just hit 1000.


Post Whore.


not I


Re: RE: MR 3000

Looks more like you are up doing Post Whore things at all hours of the night.


yes but in a militant frame of mind


U are such a whore!


I know :rofl