Mrs. Behavin is a what?


Thats right… it has begun… :smiley:


hahahaha OMG I almost fell on the floor when I saw that :rofl :rofl :rofl




:o :wtf It is war now buddy!

I hate to disappoint ya, but I dont play on that side of the team. :barf


I gots my list… almost ready Bacon. :lol


oh I’m ready…


What are you two getting ready to have hot sweaty anal sexual intercourse, with lube? or what? Cause I hear Sniper likes that kind of thing.


:funnah :funnah :funnah :funnah :funnah :funnah :funnah :funnah :funnah :funnah :funnah

This has nothing to do with this topic, but, I just noticed an ad at the bottom of this page, and it was for “Uncle Bens Rice Bowls”. :rofl :rofl


Maybe it has something to do with Si being grought to us by uncle ben’s


:rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl I just about fell out of my chair when I logged on and seen redsMULLT1 new title. And I swear I didnt do it! :rofl :rofl :rofl
I liked Mrs Behavin Little Bitch title myself.


Dayum!!! :lol


damn i hope im not on the list. Bacon, i kno where you live !!


i hope im not on the list either. lol


Would you change your own V?


sure would… Im not safe, neither is joe… You can change his or mine.




just remember, paybacks are a bitch!!