Murdoch-chan AMA


This was a good idea, an AMA. I wondered why we didn’t have these sooner. I am a really intriguing person, believe me. Ask me anything.

I’m not on here much but eh. I try to be. It’s just hard with work and everything.


Are you a white nationalist who’s trans?
Or a person who has gone from brown to white and is a nationalist?


Favorite authors?

What do you want to be when you’re older?

Any new years resolutions?






Nick Griffin always seemed like such a tool to me.

  • Trans white nat

How does that even work? What real ethno-nationalist movement would accept you? All I can think of is kosher-nationalists like Wilders or Le Pen by a stretch.


What work do you do?


Dammit murdoch chan, you have betrayed the libertarians for racial identiterianism , you were cool


She’s actually quite pro-LGB (don’t know about the T), she detoxified her party and is now winning the gay vote by loads. She’s probably the first and only semi far-right candidate I’m ever going to support, otherwise I’d be supporting Fillon.


Number 1.


lol ikr


sorry m8, but my nation is my race


I work at the local McDonalds.


I don’t read much. When I get older, I probably want to be a musician or something, I don’t know. New year’s resolutions? Not really. Just trying to be happy is my main goal I guess.


I don’t understand the question.


I got a lot of respect for you then, I could never do that.

PS can you get me a discount pls.


A more detailed answer to your question:

I identify strongly with the LGBT Right-wing provocateur section of the ‘Alt Right’. I don’t agree with everything Milo says (for example he wishes he wasn’t Gay) BUT he still argues from a pro-LGBT standpoint, and he’s pretty revolutionary in that respect. Before him there wasn’t really another option for LGBT people politically. We were Liberal lap dogs. It’s quite obvious the Liberal establishment doesn’t have our best interests at heart. So Milo is quite inspirational to me, though I am even more extreme than he is lol. He set the trend, anyway.

I could never be a modern Liberal. I have nothing to gain from that. If it were up to the Liberals, I’d be being stoned right now, or being thrown off of a building, or beheaded. Or I’d be surrounded by unskilled low IQ people, and living in a country that cannot compete internationally because of a lowered innovation rate. I don’t benefit at all from Liberalism, maybe only socially, but there is another way.

Likewise, mainstream Conservatism doesn’t appeal to me, I don’t like the Social Conservatism nor their ideas regarding the Economy. I’m basically an LGBT-Affirming, White Nationalist, Social Democrat. To be truthful, Economics aren’t really my specialty, but I think Laissez Faire Capitalism doesn’t really work that well. I could be wrong. For example, it’s not really certain if the Great Depression was caused by Laissez Faire policies, or more Interventionist policies, or a mixture of both. I obviously do not want something like that happening again. Certainly in Europe, you’d need a certain level of State Intervention. I don’t know, in bigger countries like the US, we could possibly pull off Laissez Faire Capitalism but I am just not sure, I need to study Economics more.


God Dammnit, your genes arent a country,


I liked for the detailed answer but I’m half curious/confused and half revving up a helicopter engine, to be honest

So, basically entirely Milo? Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s useful for the movement but he’s definitately not somebody I would want in any prominent position should he outlive the usefulness of his normie-tier arguments.


I’m going to assume you are only speaking about the gay-related social issues and not other morality-based social issues-

…Okay, wow, you are referring to other social issues as well. How does that even work? You believe in the preservation of your race but are also in favor of many of the causes and symptoms of degeneration. You yourself as an LGBT advocate would promote more individuals to not reproduce and undoubtably would be supportive of degenerate sexual activities or non-traditionalism in general. Social Democrat? What kind of nationalist could claim that?

I’m a nationalist and I deplore the idea of people with your beliefs subverting the movement. I don’t know what kind of transsexual you are (i.e., legitimate born with double-organs or the f****t “I feel like a womyn” type), but the only way you would survive in a “even more extreme” environment than what Milo perscribes is if you kept quiet about your own social ideas. With those beliefs and your desire to promote them you would do better under the farce that is liberalism.

I do not intend to come off as aggressive, but you must have either some strong excuses/ clarifications or misunderstand nationalism. You are a contradiction, in short :confused:


Ironically he would have had freedom of association in liberterian nationalism, theres actually a white identiterian element to it who are apart of it for strong freedom of association rights.

This guy is one of them , he discusses white identity politics a fuck tonne and is a liberterian nationalist, although the main difference between me and him is im not a white identiterian and he is. .


What nationalists beliefs do you hold?