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The best country is one that takes pride in itself, defends its standards and its freedoms and its citizens are aligned with the state and that the state is aligned with her citizens. National pride and patriotism is something that should be established, pride in your nations history, its founding and its culture. The country wouldn’t just claim to be the best or among the best, but prove it through action and satisfaction, the end result is that freedom to pursue what you wish generally speaking works, as long as you don’t have serious social engineering efforts to have people move away from their natural tendencies (cough the left , feminism for example). Citizenship should not be easy to earn for migrants, you should demonstrate that you have become a full part of the nation, culturally or otherwise indistinguishable from your fellow men(or women). The border should be strict, with those only a benefit be allowed to migrate permanently to the nation, although race and other non changeable factors ie gender or orientation will not be dis-qualifiers. You will be expected to and the nation will be structured around you being heavily participating in it, from mandatory conscription and military service (you will never be expected to invade,) to the direct democracy of your local area, your state and then the country itself. A solid nation doesn’t need a moral busy body to command morality from a top down orientation, such a nations people would be able to define it for themselves, and organize their communities as such. You can set the laws of your locality as you see fit, so long as they don’t violate the core freedoms ie your negative liberties ie freedom of association, freedom of movement within the confederacy or nation, etc.


tbh I might not even be a full WN, I like the label though


I actually don’t care that much about social issues. I think you misunderstand me tbh. I actually can understand why a society might fear Homosexuals. I’m not big on the social stuff like the modern Left is, I really don’t care that much. My identity as an LGBT person is important to me though, and I like to be able to describe myself both politically and socially. But yeah I really am not big on the social stuff. I’m pretty quiet.


idk if I’d be a Libertarian Nationalist or not m8. I used to call myself a Libertarian but only because I didn’t want the Government to have any money. In all honesty I don’t really know much about Economics.


Why is your identity as an LGBT person important to you? You stated that you disagreed with Milo wishing he was straight. Why? Why wouldn’t you want to be straight? Objectively, nothing about being homosexual/ trans is better than being straight. If you were straight you would get to skip all the discrimination and mistrust, AND have children naturally. To a true WN that last bit should be very important.

Not caring about social issues is another issue. If you were a true WN you would want your race to be pure. I just saw your political compass, too. According to that admittedly flawed measure you are hardly authoritarian.

I pose these questions as I am an extremist; you claim to be as well but I am not seeing it. From what I can tell you despise immigration and feminism and believe in racial homogeneity. I’m not even a true fascist and I’m much more radical on many more issues than you.

I believe you haven’t figured yourself out yet, honestly. Go read ironmarch’s manifestos, Turner diaries, Mussolini’s autobiography, Evola’s ride the tiger, any of those really. I don’t think you would agree with any of them.

Tell me if I’m wrong but this is a somewhat difficult read. Forgive the interrogation, too hah


My identity as an LGBT person is important to me because I went through a lot of my life trying to understand myself and be happy and when you finally embrace who you are it is a wonderful thing. There is nothing superior about being LGBT, that’s not what my embracing of it is about, it is about actually having an identity that I am content with and being happy in life, which isn’t the easiest thing in the world for a lot of LGBT people.

Did I ever claim to be an Authoritarian?

Yes, I despise Immigration and Feminism. I think I cannot be a modern Leftist then. What would you call me? lol

You’re absolutely right about me not figuring myself out yet, I am in the process of that now, kind of why I am here.


You’d probably fit in the Milo- tier kosher alt right movement. Not nearly on the level of Richard Spencer alt right- only thing tipping you their direction is the WN sympathies.


That’s basically what I thought I was. I appreciate your opinion as you do seem knowledgeable on this stuff.


I don’t really have anything to ask you.
This whole thread makes me want to die.


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