Musical Instruments - What Reigns Superior?


So basically, if you had the option of only having one instrument remain on the planet, what would it be (FL Studio and those kinds of things are not valid answers)?

In terms of what counts as “one instrument”, I would count a baritone saxophone and alto saxophone as both saxophones, but a harpsichord and piano as different instruments.


Piano - I play it.


The kazoo


just gonna drop this off here


When I holidayed in Slovakia I had a go at the accordion and it made nice sounds and I was told I’m a quick learner and a natural accordionist so let’s go with that.


The saxophone is the only chad instrument.


what’s “chad” ?

i’ve been playing musical instruments since infancy and the sax for a little over 50 years. there have been times in my life when it was my only source of income. saxophones are much too temperamental to be much good for long after the fall though. everything has to be seated just right or they don’t play properly.

the recorder is much more simple and has been around for thousands of years.


I am a grade 7 guitarist so beat that


what’s a grade 7 guitarist? you started in the seventh grade, have reached the seventh skill level or something else? i’m a multi-disciplined hippie artist, can make a musical sound on most instruments and am not in competition with anybody over who does it better . ask me who my favorite anything is and i’ll give you my top five or ten choices, refusing to put any of them above the rest.

my grandma was a piano teacher who sat us in her lap to hit our hands on the keys before we could walk or talk. i always sucked at music and have zero innate talent for it. that’s probably the only reason i worked hard enough at it to get to a point where i can fool people into thinking i’m really good at it.


ABRSM Diploma Piano…


Definitely the violin. It almost sounds like a human voice and it’s beautiful. I once watched a live performance and whoo *fans myself. The emotions coming off that were strong as hell and left quite and impression.


gotta get dem dank subharmonics


What are those? Researching now…


Basically, it’s causing a string to vibrate at a frequency lower than what it normally would

Good video:


Heh. I was just watching that video.


A little off topic but listen to Scherzo-Tarentelle Op. 16 and Paganini. Mind freaking blowwwwn!


lmao, i lost it at 2:38


Right, it’s funny as hell. I couldn’t help but laugh at 1:08. His face man with that ‘come hither look’ and that unshaven beard. Lol, too hilarious.

But look at those fingers fly. God-damn. Wish I could play like that.