Is there any musicians in the group here??? :rock :rock


yo :rock


I play da geetar


o an if so what do you play an how long ya been playing??? :cool


I was the lead singer and guitar player in bands for over 15 years. My last and final band was called “Little Billy’s Trip” and we did all original music that I wrote. Funny you should bring this up, I just posted a song in the “poetry” thread yesterday. It was an early recording of my band. Go check it out and let me know what you think. We were very raw and at the time “alternative” LOL.


Boozie’s moosic rawks :rock

I play da gee-tar too. I’ve been playing for like 22 years or something…It’s been a long time.


I’ve been playing the guitar for about 2 years now…no bands yet…just been doing my own thing…I actually use to play the drums before i started the guitar…i played the drums from when i was 14 to i think 18ish…so i played them for around 4 years :smiley:

I love music and wanna learn how to play so many instruments


Boozie is a good singer let him play Glass House its a good song :banana :banana :banana :smiley:


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HAHAHA!!! thank you T. It’s “Glass Bridge” by the way. OH! And What’s this? Oh look, it’s the music fairy bringing in a song…could it be? OH JOY IT IS glee It’s…
Ladies and Gentalmen, Glass Bridge


Way to go Booze and Im Sorry Ive always called it Glass house LOL …even on the copy i have in the car :smiley: :smiley:


WHOOOO holds up lighter


support the arts sleep with a musican




ah. I’m not a musician. I’m a guitar player.


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:rofl :rofl Penis wonts to sleep with Boozie :rofl :rofl


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Well no bands for me yet tho… i mainly play 5 string bass, ive been playing it for a lil over 11 years, but i also play the drums(for about 4 years), an i play the acoustic(for about 3 years), an i play a very lil piano. :smiley:


i wish i could play guitar. i have one, but i can only play a little. i can read tabs and play intro to [GN’R]sweet child o mine[/GN’R] and some stuff on my own. im not good tho


I play a little GEEtar myself, but not seriously because I only play it maybe once or twice a month. Used to play bass guitar, and used to play drums a little. Wouldn’t consider myself a musician though because I don’t take it very seriously.


I started playing guitar the summer between 6th and 7th grade. I plucked out bass lines of songs, then melodies of songs at first. I never played the guitar parts because I didn’t know how to form a chord. My Dad worked for Memorex (the audio tape company) and we got one of the first Sony VCR’s they ever made because my Dad was designing better quality VCR tapes for them. Well we had two Videos, “the sound of music” and a live concert of Chuck Berry. Long story short, I copied Chuck Berry making bar chords and that’s all she wrote, I was a power chord playing fool ever since that day. It was the first time I could actually play guitar parts of songs that ROCKED!

This has been a behind the music historical moment in the life of Booze


wanted to be one …i wanted to be in a band

i can play some keyboard and sing …was in a choir for a few years

always wanted to learn to play the guitar too …i love rock

its just my stage fright is what kept me from pursuing a music career lol