Mustang Cobra SVT rims?


im kinda interested in the Mustang Cobra SVT rims for my Ranger. anyone know the going price for them and where i can find some? heres the ones i am refering to:

figured id ask here since most of you here are Mustang owners.


look on ebay, they normally have ok prices… as for other sites, ill leave that up to the stang pros!


I would go Ebay just because you can get “packages”. You get all four rims and tires, most of the time for under $1000. Way better than buying them seperate. Ebay is the most cost effective.


Re: RE: Mustang Cobra SVT rims?

:agree , but sometimes more risky :tard


Are the bolt patterns the same Brian? I’d make sure that and the offset would be correct before buying those.

But that would look sweet with the silver undertone.


check on classifieds section, and check on classifieds


my bro in law bought a set for his stang off of ebay and only paid 500 plus shipping. He bought the tires here and ended up paying about the same for rubber as he did for wheels.