Mustangs in Atlanta


Nurse just called from Atlanta theres a big Mustang meet in Atlanta next month anyone wana go?


How about FFW in Baytown o the last wek end in April ???


give us the info


I will get the info. She said they are having a blast and all she see’s is kickass Mustangs out there. Her cousins boyfriend is Ford tech and said he would finish my Mustang for free :banana I just gotta buy the parts.

My Mustang :hump MD’s Mustang


My car will be done by ten and i dont think Atlanta is too terribly far from me. I would be willing to meet up with some of yall in Atlanta. Of course Id have to talk it over with Mrs. Boss first. :dunno


Is this the Tara Club thats one of the biggest out there ???


Dunno T why you want me to ride ya…I meen give you a ride? :smiley:


YOu be coming through on interstate 10 ???


ill be willing to go if everyone else will :slight_smile:


Well If i was still down there :dunno :tard


Its a date I will get the info and I will post it here and we can all go there.
I’m not sure if its a race or just a meet :dunno but I wana race MD anywhoos so it will be fun. And we all get along so well i’m sure we will have fun :rock


You Think :lol :lol :owned :smiley: :smiley:


take som pics and post them here when its over… its only an ocean between these two green spots on the map here…


I’d go if nurse checks me for a herna :smiley:


Thats HERNIA dumbass…She dont like little things but I can ask her :owned