My absence:


I used to be able to get on during my lunch breaks at work, but now the man’s got be under lock and key. I guess they’re firing a bunch of people in a sister site for excessive internet use, and I don’t want my hour a day to put me in sombodies crosshairs. I think I have a defendable position, but I don’t need to be taking the chance either. So Cal is no place to be living if your not pulling in some decent cake.


“Stick to the man”


shitty dude… uncle sam trys to put his foot down every other week and fails. :rock you are in a different position though… you can get fired, i can’t… good luck with it and watch out for those cyber weenie cops…


you can get paid in cake in socal??


sorry to hear about that intruder. I was wondering where you went. :frowning:


Ya, don’t fugger shiz up for yourself.
Now I’m hungry for cake. :think


you were gone? I guess I didnj’t notice since I was absent too, except I was on spring break :banana


it happens


I don’t blame ya man…it isn’t worth it.


Oh WOW thats not good but i wouldnt risk my job :dunno :dunno


LOL Jerk. :fu


LOL Jerk. :fu[/quote]

don’t be mad Int he was off getting railed by some big dude named bubba…j/k