My brother part 2

so my brothers mom (he’s only really my stepbrother) went to wake up my brother for work… and his lips were blue and he was unresponsive…she called 911 and it took them almost 15 minutes to get him breathing… he was taken to ICU,and ran tests on him… he had 3 different drugs in his system… he had overdosed… obviously… he has liver damage, his heart is enlargd, the whole left side of his body is numb (like pins and needles) and hes on a breathing machine right now… hes not getting enough oxygen on his own…he is however, still alive…

i immediately went to the hospital when i got the call, and he looks like horrible…visiting hours were over (they let us stay an extra 2 hours if we behaved nicely)

so here i am sitting at home and i can’t even think straight… i’m scared to death im going to get a call in the middle of the night that something happened to him…

help… :frowning:

I’m so sorry to hear that, I hope he recovers. It’s a horrible situation but all you can do is wait it out, at least he’s getting all the medical help he can now. Hopefully this might be a wakeup call to him when he recovers. My thoughts are with you and your family.

i’m sure you’ve got the otz’s support

That’s terrible, I’m really sorry to hear that. You know we’re all here if you want to talk.

Hang tough girl, hope for the best and try not to think of anything else. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the what if’s, they will take good care of him there.

I hope everything turns out ok.

damn heather i’m so sorry to hear. i hope everything is okay.

Man that really sucks. I’m sure he’ll pull through.

sorry about your bro

oh my, Heather…sorry to hear about that. Dont assume the worst though, you’ll end up a nervous wreck, just keep positive thoughts, and just remember we’re all here for you, ok hun? bigfathug

heather, i feel for you. It’s really hard to cope with losing a family member to drugs, or almost losing them at least. If he is ok now, then chances are he will be ok. Once you stabilize after an overdose, chances are you are on the upside and you will get better. I’m praying for you and your family, maybe this will change his life and he will turn everything around and surprise everyone :slight_smile:

OMG Heather!!! hugs hun if you need to talk Im here for you! Ill be thinking about you sweetie

running through quickly…
the doctors believe my brother had a heart attack… not sure when exactly it happened, but it did show up during the testing…
his heart is not pumping blood quickly enough which is real concern- they wan to do a catheterization to try to clear things out but his heart is not strong enough to go through that right now… the drs said he “has the heart of a 60 year old man right now”
he has fluid in his lungs, and his respiration is very erratic
the tox screen showed “off the chart” amounts of chemicals… 48 hours after being checked in, his body still as higher amounts of the drugs then most people have when admitted after an overdose.
out of 7 things they test for after an OD, my brother had 5 in his system

im crushed…

wow…you have my number if you need to call

I’m so sorry. I can’t even imagine how you feel. We’re all here for you.

I’m sorry to hear all of this. My prayers and thoughts are with you :slight_smile:

OMG Heather!!! I have only just read this.

I am hoping that the reason for you not being back on this thread, is not through bad news?

My heart goes out to you hon - you are having it real bad at the moment.

We’re all here for you. I do hope things will be alright, I really do.