My buddy made fighter of the month


Can’t wait to see his next fight.

Fighter of the Month-November 2005
by Rick Caldwell - Lead Writer / Director of Content Fighter of the Month
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Our fighter of the month for November 2005 has everything it takes to be a champion. On top of having a flashy 5-0 record, solid wrestling with brutal ground and pound to match, and a great fight team to back him up, he has one of the scariest demeanors on fight day that I have ever seen. It’s like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. Our fighter of the month for November 2005 is Team Aggression’s Joe Cushman.

Joe made his debut in April 2004, and fought 3 more times that year to close out 2004 a perfect 3-0. The only problem with that is that he won all by convincing decisions, but never finished some of the guys he seemed to have down and out.

He took about four months before taking his next fight, and something seemed to really change in Cushman. On top of looking angry on the way to the ring, and during the stare down, he started fighting angry. I still remember the look on everyone’s faces at ringside as he pounded the poor guy out from the mount, and walked back to his corner without taking the “must kill” look off his face. It was by far, his most dominating performance of his career.

Joe’s next opponent was the very tough Austin Philbin from MSA. Austin has some serious striking, and a ground game to match. Many picked Philbin to win. On November 5, at Combat Zone 12, these two fought an incredible three minute war, that had both of them rocked a couple times. It was easily the fight of the night, and it ended as dramatically as it started. Instead of trying to retell the story, here is a quote from Pikes’ review of the event:

“In my opinion, this was the best fight of the night. Philbin’s kickboxing and takedown defense were amazing and for the first few minutes of the fight, Austin got the better of the standup and defended three separate Cushman takedowns, which is no easy task. You could tell Cushman was getting frustrated, but after a leg kick from Philbin, Joe finally got Austin down, got side control, and locked on an anaconda choke as Philbin tried to get to his knees to stand up, and rolled over before switching to a guillotine to finally get the tap.”

As I stated before, Cushman stands a perfect 5-0, and with the exception of maybe Daryl MarcAurele, I’m not sure there is a 145 pounder fighting locally that can beat him, but I’m sure he’s willing to let all of them try. Congratulations Joe, and we all look forward to your next fight.


Mmmmmmmm…I bet that it means alot him. Its good to see people doing good at what they do. Me, I am not a fighter. I am a lover. :smiley:


I’d fight for what I love though


Only if it is worth it


Wrestling between the sheets can be like realy fighting


When its really good, I sweat from my balls