My day of driving

Ok so I actually had work to do today… but I was driving for the most part. It takes me at least 20 minutes to get from one side of town to the other through downtown because Fort Waynes roads suck complete and major ass. They put 2 major roads through downtown, the rest cut off or dead end into other streets.

Red Dot: My first job this morning. I was there for 5 minutes resetting the open-close time on the phone system (it’ll automatically switch between open/closed greetings on the VM). Yay!

Then I had to head out to the Blue Dot. The guy from A1 door blew up my door phone while he was testing the power locks by shorting the wires… yeah the wires that were DIRECTLY CONNECTED TO MY DOOR PHONE. sheesh.

So I’m leaving there and call Kathy, she says that Scott’s Chestnut plaza (The Green Dot) has a phone not working. Seriously now. I was just out that way not 45 minutes ago. So I get on US30, and head around the southern part of 469, onto I69 and over to chestnut plaza.

I figure it’s the phone that is acting up after investigating the coil cord, so I have to drive back to New Haven to get a new phone sight Notice the location difference between the green dot and where it says New Haven on the map…

On my way back Kathy calls and says go down to Broadway to hook up some lines. Ok, a little detour. That’s fine.

So I go and get those lines taken care of and then head back to New haven. I grab the phone after lunch as Kathy says hey I need you to go downtown and hook up some phones.

Ok, I’m headed that way anyway. No biggie. 20 minute job.

WRONG. The guy is running for mayor and wants a temp. call center set up. They have a 440CT phone system.

What do i have to do? Figure out the lines, the system, program via my POS laptop and curse several times. I ended up having to swap cards to another port to get it to work. 20 minutes turned into 2.75 hours…

I leave there AT 5 PM and still have to drive all the way back to the green dot to replace the phone… on Jefferson and Indianapolis roads… in rush hour traffic. blah.

I made a full circle around I69/469 today. I haven’t had to do that in one day in a long time.

By the time I made it back home (roughly where the black arrow is pointing), it’s 6 pm.

Honestly, I’m glad that I sat at home all day Wednesday, because I used so much gas today I would have had to make another pitstop to get gas on the way home.

I see you were using google maps, I’m suprised in their directions they didn’t ask you to swim at any point!:smiley: (refers to dans thread in humour)

haha we don’t have any lakes here, let alone oceans. :frowning:

this thread should have a warning on it

Warning: Thread may cause drowsiness.

:tongue: but seriosly you had to drive a shit load. you have a fleet card or something for work

Yeah, a BP fleet card. I probably put around 250 miles on the truck just today. I have an 1/8th tank left from the 3/4 tank I started with.

But hell, at least it wasn’t as bad as this drive:

fort wayne to decatur, Illinois. Without cruise control, going through Indy right around 12 noon, and then again right around 5-5:30 pm… Gotta love I465 rush hours.

Looks like you made a circle with all that driving!

I wonder how the driving there compares to Philly rush hour traffic… :dunno

Well Philly with it’s 1.5 million vs fort waynes 200k people… I’m sure Ft Wayne traffic is a joke when compared to Philly .

ha…id have to say houston traffic is the worst ive ever seen. we ALWAYS have a major freeway that is shut down for construction…my fiance works about 10 mins away…well it takes 10 mins if the roads are clear, but it takes him over an hour to get to work every day because of rush hour.

Yep. I’d imagine a nice sized city with well over a million people and probably a few million cars and trucks on the road would have jams.

We have jams here at rush hour because Ft Waynes roads are horrendously laid out.

East to west there is one main arterial that goes through downtown, same with North and south, they all interconnect to separate arterials outside of downtown, but other than that you have to be on one of 4 roads to make a straight shot anywhere else.

I know how you feel man…heres one I had to do a bout a year ago.

I started at the yellow marker. Drove to the blue marker to pick up a part. Drove back to the Yellow to drop it off. Drove to the green dot to pick something else up. While I was there getting a bight to eat I got a call saying that I had to go to dallas. So I hurried my ass up and got back to the yellow marker. Whent home and packed me some clothes to spend the night and left out to go to the blue marker to pick up the stuff I needed to deliver. About the time I got to dallas it was 5:30 so I hit rush hour. I still had to get all the way up to the purple marker. I didnt get there till like 1:30 in the mourning and then had to drive back to the yellow dot the next day. I was raikin in the OT like a MOFO that day.

Si doesn’t come with cruise?
Edit* nevermind.

[quote=“TheOriginalJames, post: 316358”]But hell, at least it wasn’t as bad as this drive:

fort wayne to decatur, Illinois. Without cruise control, going through Indy right around 12 noon, and then again right around 5-5:30 pm… Gotta love I465 rush hours.[/quote]

Decatur IL, that’s where I saw O.A.R. a few weeks ago, it was amazing.

That town smells like raw gas.

I didn’t notice.

If you go over a railroad on a bridge on (I think it’s Illinois State Road 11) there’s a factory there. Smells really bad IMO.

That makes since then, I didn’t really get that far into town, nor do I rember crossing any tracks.