My dinner the other night

So I was eating this steak and I read a post where Audra said she dosnt like to eat anything bleading so I had to take a picture.

It was sooooo good :smiley:


has to be well-done for me…

medium rare to medium for me… maybe a little more on the medium well side…

Well, it just depends on how I feel like eating steak. Most of the time I want it medium well.

Dude, you are supposed to cook the meat - there are worm eggs that can live through that level of cooking & end up infecting your gut.


yea, but I drank enough beer with it to kill most anything.

wheres that damn puking smilie when I need him oh yuck!!!

My steak? Knock off its horns and hoofs, wipe its ass and throw it on the plate.

If you are going to eat a steak that looks that good… break out the real plates, not the styrofoam crap :slight_smile:

Where’s the A1?

that was what it came in from chillies, and if a steak needs A1 its not a verry good steak

I love bleeding steak :slight_smile:

This one works just fine for me! :yuk