My dog got hit by a car yesterday... :(


i come home from work and take my boy out to go to the bathroom. i didn’t use his leash because he has been really good the last couple of months… he saw some people running along the street and decided he wanted to join them. he didn’t make it :frowning: he got hit by a mini van doing about 30mhp. i heard him cry the whole 25-30ft she dragged him. i ran up to the van when she stopped and i thought i was going to passout. i almost went into shock… i will never forget the look on his face when i walked up to him. he was stuck under the front the van for a good 5 minutes. i had to run him to the emergency vet hospital. to keep this short, we had to stay up all night and monitor his breathing to make sure nothing was getting worse. we took him to MY vet this morning and said he is looking damn good for just getting hit by a car. no broken bones just yet, just ALOT of road rash and a big gash on his left leg. he was all drugged up last night… he was feeling like bacon was a couple months ago… :rock :rock anyway, i am much better now, knowing that he is no hurt really bad. he is still at the vet getting double checked. we should be able to pick him up at 4pm or so… i have never felt scared like that before… i can’t wait for him to come home so i can kick his ass for trying to fight a car… :lol


Glad to hear that he is ok. I hit a dog once. It made me feel sick.


thanks… the lady that hit him was just as bad as i was. i think i asked her a dozen time if she was ok before i left for the vet…


The dog I hit I killed


glad hes pulling through


Is his name Lucky?


aww… I am glad he is pulling threw. Did the lady say anything at all?? Or even offer to help?


lol!! his name is lucius(like the little kid from gladiator), so everyone is calling him lucky lucius… the lady didn’t know what to say. i couldn’t get mad at her… the minute he hit the road, she came rolling by. like i said, she was as bad as i was. she was still sitting on the side of the road when i left to take him to the vet.

we finally got him back and he is doing alot better. he has a stocking on his back leg to cover up the gash and he is still crying… he is still all doped up… :tard i think i will wait to scold him about fighting cars.


I’m glad your Dog is doing OK. Scolding the dog won’t help know. The dog really won’t know what your yelling at him about…they have small minds, like Bacon


Re: RE: my dog got hit by a car yesterday… :frowning:

i was just joking about scolding him… i am a push over when it comes to his puppy sad look face… he was actually eating off of some fine china and eating it with a fork at the vet… lol


Re: RE: my dog got hit by a car yesterday… :frowning:

Yeah. Dogs have a 7 second memory, so he’d be totally lost on that one.

Just make sure and keep him on a leash from now on, even if you nthink he’s getting better, you never know what could happen.

I’m glad he’s recovering, you’re very lucky. I lost my dog when i was in like 3rd grade. Happened while I was at school and I was DEVASTATED.

Now my Daisy is always on a leash, I never want to lose a dog that way again.


I’m glad I live on a double cul-de-sac street or my dog would be a goner!


never hit a dog but I ate one once when I was in Jordan


Damn, I’m glad he’s OK! I bet he won’t do that again. Dogs may have a short memory span, but they never forget danger.


thanks for the concern yall. hes doing a little better. its the hole in his leg that is the worse. the bandage will not stay on and i am afraid to take him out with out it. i don’t want it to get infected. i had to wash out the hole with water today… :barf :barf i almost threw up. i can’t stomach that kind of stuff.


I know how that is…our dog was hit 2 years ago…but was not as lucky as yours. My husband called me at work to tell me. I cried and cried. They actually let me go home. My kids were absolutely heartbroken!

Those darned dogs…its like having an extra kid!

I’m glad your dog is doing better!


So sorry to hear…thats the worst when pets get hit…i had 2 dogs that got hit by cars…sux

Glad to hear shes ok though


thanks again everyone… he is at the vet again today. they game him somemore drugs and put him out while they cleaned out all his cuts again. they also put a triangle pattern bandage that is stitched into his leg… i know it sounds nasty, it looks worse, trust me… there was no way to keep a bandage on his leg, so they stitched it to it… i went and visited him after work and i can’t help but laugh…he looks miserable…anyway, thanks again everyone…