My dog is SICK!

as in…DISGUSTING! Last night everytime I took him out he kept finding this dead worm on the sidewalk…and he would stop and RUB his face on it on the ground! like SMEARING worm guts on his face…it was sooo gross…then this morning i took his leash off so he could play in the yard, and he found a dead bird and rubbed his face in that too! ugh! does anyone else’s dog do funky shit like this? soo yucky!

hahaha That’s a dog for ya.

im about to give his ass a bath, then hell learn his fucking lesson! he HATES baths muahaha
i think ill brush his teeth too while I’m at it…double yuck for him! haha

Thats what they do! My old dog used to eat her shit and rub her face in it. She used to rub her face in dead rabbit too whenever she found one.:yuk

Also be warned, when you bath them, they hate feeling clean and are more likely to roll in something disgusting!