My first attempt at this

As I sit here all alone
My thoughts are filled with you
Are you thinking about me too?
Time heals a confused and broken heart
Time that feels like an eternity while I sit and wait
My heart aches to feel you near me
Questions fill my head, are you the one for me?
As I sit here all alone
I wonder what youre doing
Are you thinking about me too?

Beautiful work Pony. hugz

good work pony keep it up!!! :slight_smile:

hey pony i found it tasty and delicious:) Good job!

Very nice Pony. I wonder who your thinking about…

I’m not a poetry critic or anything, but very good! It made me want to snap my fingers in applause and drink a latte with a beret on my head!

very good audra. Great job hun hugs

Big hug for Audra, very good poem, let it all out!:slight_smile:

Very good
Better then my frist

who is it about audra! i must know! :-p good poem!

nice poem audra :slight_smile:

thanks everyone

heh, guess that annoying guy that was bugging you must have read this and misunderstood.

good post, btw

ha that guy isnt a member here

Very good poem. :slight_smile: