My left hand

My left hand is so sore. Well if I’m not doind anything with it the pain is about a 4 on a scale of 1-10 but it burns. However, if I go to move it or do something else it about brings tears to my eyes…ok I doubt I’s really cry, but ya it hurts something fierce.

I went to a movie yesterday and before my hand was fine, but when I left it was hurting. I didn’t do anything to it. I’m mad grrrrrr.

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that is strange… did you hit it on something or anything??

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Nope nothing at all. Its very very odd.

I’ve hot ice on it to see if it helps. Its only really helping with the burning feelin that is in my hand.

Btw it sucks typing with one hand. :mad

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maybe you did something when you got up out of the seat??

what movie btw

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Grrr will someone fix my title for me its supposed to be left.

And it was Monsters vs Aliens in 3d.

My left hand had my purse in it. I doubt my purse is so mean as to of hurt my hand…lol

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sorry girl :frowning:

(ill fix ur title)

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[quote=“vshayes, post: 1085166”]sorry girl :frowning:

(ill fix ur title)[/quote]

Thanks bunches.

I ended up calling Ask a Nurse and they said I should go to acute care. So I did. Found out it’s tendontis. UGH So now my hand is in a brace.

haha! i shouldn’t be laughing, but I’m braced up too! Doc told me the same thing.

ouch! It just crept up on you didnt it?

Hope it starts feeling better soon!

LOL I feel like a dork with it on!

[quote=“Mrs Behavin, post: 1085170”]ouch! It just crept up on you didnt it?

Hope it starts feeling better soon![/quote]

Totally snuck up on my ass. I wish I was a ninja… that never would have happened! :24:

Thanks hun!

Want me to kiss it better? :wink:


I’ll kiss anything else that needs…ummm kissing? :ninja

I’ve definitely worn long sleeves since then to cover it up. I keep having to take it out to write notes for class. It’s my right hand. He said he was from repetitive stress- it’s not like I can just stop taking notes you know!

I’m sure I can think of other things…c’mere :ninja;)

So how do you think you got tendinitis?

I don’t know what kind of brace you have, but mine was bunching up on the inside and itching really bad. I cut an old stocking to put underneath and it feels so much better. Just a head’s up!

Hope u feel better soon…

back in my days running we would use ice when an injury first occurs. Try that for a day. Then try alternating where you use ice and then heat a few times for a period of about 20 minutes each

The ice helps with any swelling. The heat improves blood flow.

You must be playing games or doing something repetitive