My luck

The Rant

apparently my luck with relationships is some twisted ironic joke… some karmatic farce bestowed upon me to keep me humble,crazy,and anxious.

this past weekend since crys and dan and the baby went visiting in vermont i had an opportunity to go to an Amtgard event. Amtgard is a mideaval fantasy LARP organization ( please turn of your nerd alarms the noise is giving me a headache). anyways picture from friday till sunday about 300 people witha common interest in mideival fantasy are all havigna hug campout, organized feat and fight tournament, with minor bits of arts,crafts, and plenty of alchohol for those of age ( i was trashed friday night … so very trashed… and didn’t have to pay for any of it).

anywas the point of the story…

friday after work i arrive… early… so i get bored… adn decide to help with the setup ( i am good freidns with the people who organize these things) so eventually around dark i end up helping with the admission gate. where i meet a lovely girl. i start talking, being freindly… then turnign to flirty ( you ladies who know me will understand this)… well i think i’m gettign someplace… then irony strikes… turns out she is a lesbian… nothign wrong with that… but thats gettign shot down before i even start … so i was rather dissapointed… made a great freind however.

move to saturday morning. (i only slept for 45 minutes friday night…) after breakfast i meet some people that had jsut arrived on saturday… a group from about an hour away from where i live… the one girl is selling these awesoem hand made sock creatures. i find one i liek and buy it… then i do a bit of free advertising for her. so i end up hanging around her booth talking to her, we decided that we woudl ahng otu since she couldnt participate in the fighting and i didn’t really want to since i have been out of the game for so long. well it turns out she has a boyfriend. but she jsut had to be extremely flirtatious and awesome…another friend made almsot instantly…

now… its jsut another two added to the list of girls that i would have no problems dating or hanging otu with …who have told me that they think i am agreat guy and if it wasn’t for their present situation they would give me a shot.

lovely ladies… all of them… and me to nice a guy to be a home wrecker…

damnit all

Edit * sorry I can’t seem to delete the whole comment, I’m drunk, didn’t read this properly and am now withdrawing my post* Sorry

I hear you. I’ve mistakenly flirted with the lesbians and the already taken. ESPECIALLY at geek conventions. But they’re only two girls. If you had flirted with more, you might have found one.

Have faith in the geek girl market. It’s so easy to take advantage of your character in a larp or D&D, be that really suave guy that gets all the wenches.

haha … well that may be true… but i am very picky… and finding an available hetero female at any geek related thing is hard to do to begin with… but i kno wmy type… very well… sad to say my type is a very popular type … so its hard to find a girl that i like alot… that isnt already somebody elses arm candy.

and im not trying to be a don juan… i dont “wan’t all the wenches” … so like i said… conflicted, karmatic, ironic, whatever ya want to call it… it’s just my luck…

aww Bagel keep your chin up hun it will happen some day for you :slight_smile:

I feel ya man. Seems like all the girls I dont want are in love with me and all them that I want cant stand me…

Poor Bagel. :frowning:

I giggled at “want all the wenches” though. That’s a fine way of putting it.

Yeah that shit sucks Bagel. There is someone out there for you dood. Keep yer head up and yer bagel dry. thumbs up