My mustang strategy!


what do you all think about this “to-do” list:
PI head swap
Stage 1 port job by Fox Lake
VT stage 1 cams
Magnapacks or SLP Loudmouth
O/R Xpipe
BBK LT’s(install Steeda clutch adjustment kit, while LTs are installed)
Densecharger w/ MAM
Accufab 75mm T/B and Plenum
March Pulleys
Diablo Chip burnt/installed(already have this)
Subframe Connectors
Coilover kit(not sure which one though)

how does that sound as the mod list, in the order that i will purchase and install the parts? what do you think i would be running-any et’s? please let me know if you all think that i am leaving something out or the wrong products.thanks :gears


sounds like it would be badass… but lemme ask you -> why spend all that money, time, and labor when for less money, time, and labor you can slap on a blower and make alot more power with better drivability?


any reason you wouldnt do suspension/body stuff first? (springs, and teh subframes)


what mods would i still do to prep my car for the blower Joe?


exhaust work would be the best bang for the buck when it comes to more power with a poweradder, dont need anything internally for the engine


no PI swap? and no t/b plenum?


Let’s see, this is what mine has been:

Magnaflow X*
Magnaflow catback*
E-bay intake*
Densecharger w/ 85mm MAF
Bullitt 18x9" (245/275)
Steeda Sport Springs
Mac 70mm t/b
Mach1 chin spoiler
Steeda U/D pulleys
Mac H-pipe
SLP LMI mufflers
Monroe Shocks

Pretty happy with it. I bought more on opportunity than by plans…saved me a a bunch of $$$

I also have some ceramic coated shorties sitting in my garage that need to go in, PI heads and intake that need to go in, etc.

My next purchases are either to have my stock plenum ported or get a trickflow one and a nitrous kit (probably a zex dry kit).