My new ride!


She gets put on a truck in 3 hours!! :banana :banana :banana

BTW: Joe, thanks for the free space to host on your site. I never would have gotten around to doing it if it weren’t right here. LOL


i like! :smiley:


Nice Maro! So what you gots planned for it?


that is the only color i like from chevy. looks sweet!!


holy shit thats clean! I love the front end of it :banana


Sweet ride intruder!


:rock :rock



Looks really good!!


yeah its really nice, i really like the color


That is perrdddyyy!!!


you know i like it bruva :banana


looks good man, that is a sweet color


aw damn i want one! :lol


Thanks guys. It should be here on Monday.

That color was such a PITA to find!! It was crazy. I think they only made 266 Orange 6 speed SS’s in '02. And probably less than half of those were hard-top cars. (I didn’t like T-tops)

Next week I’ll order the basics for it. IE, the lid, K&N, subframe connectors, strut-tower brace. and short throw shifter. I’ll decide later wich direction I want to go with modding it. I’ve had so many cars fall through on me, that I’ve refused to think about this one till I get it. lol It’s looking pretty solid now though.


STS turboooooo!


tis ok

ida gone for black, but hey, its yours not mine

but really, its nice


Re: RE: My new ride!!

I’m not really a big fan of turbo’s. I mean they’re cool and all, but I prefer the thought of a supercharger. (Which really blows, because they cost twice as much)

I think forced induction is in this cars future though. :smiley:


Awesome car man… I’ve actually had thoughts of trading in my 00 for maybe a 99-00 T/A… I dont think I will just cause i wont do it unless i can do it for less than 1000… Oh well, never know since im working at a pontiac dealership again.


Sick! :smiley:


Very clean SS man. :rock congrats!