My new SS


I haven’t taken delivery as of yet, but we’ve settled on price, and I’ve got the inspectors going out there on Saturday. :banana :banana

Here are some quick pics. When I get it next week, I’ll shoot some better ones.


sweet. that engine and 6-speed will own :rock


very VERY nice!!


That’s an odd looking Mustang. :tard

Congrats :smiley:


that a v6?


v8, judging by the advertisement. ls1 v8 with a 6 speed manual.


i was joking


That will be really nice!!! We want pics when you get it home… Those pics make it look red… It is orange, right?


nice looking car


Thanks guys. I’m excited. It took me forever and a day to find an Orange hardtop car. I wanted the leather interior, but this will work out, because there is a shop up in LA that does custom interior for about a thousand bucks. if you want to check it out. I can’t decide what colors to do the two tone in though. Nothing too bright, but black/grey might be too boring too. :dunno

First thing I’m doing is getting a Bilstein suspension to kill that 4x4 look they come with stock. Then an SS grill to make it look nice. Then I’ll get the basic F-body start list. Lid, subframe connectors, strut tower brace. That’s only two or three hundred bucks there. After all that, I’ll only be in the car for what it books out at. :rock :rock


Nice find Bro…very nice! Is it close to you or what?


No, I wish. I’m having it shipped in from the North Pole. LOL It’s in Detroit. I ordered an auto inspection service to check it out for me. They take pictures, and go over the car with a fine tooth comb and give you a nice report on it. They even do the test drive.

But at least I’ll be able to say my Maro came from Detroit. Motor City baby!! :rock


very nice, for a camero :barf , what is a lid anyway, alweays been curious. If I come out to cali this summer I will race, and we’ll see who wins, ole’ Saleen has some tricks!


That’s always funny when someone does it on accident.

Nice car man! I want dibs on the LS6 intake, you need to upgrade it…and I need it! :banana


That is a lid. It’s pretty much the first thing to go onto any F-body, so you’ll hear it a lot.

98LS1, the only way I’m going to upgrade that LS6 intake manifold, is if a FAST decides that they’ve been overcharging the crap out of the market, and start selling their shiz cheaper.

It’s a long shot, but if they do, we’ve got a deal. :banana


is there something wrong with that weiand one or are they just basically the same as an ls6 only in metal?

by the way, VERY pimp ss


I haven’t checked theirs out. I didn’t even know they made one. I thought it was between SLP, F.A.S.T., and Holley. I should go look though. Thanks.


The Weiland is basically a metal LS6 intake…it’s for those who wish to port and polish it. Looks purty too.