My newest touyeee!


Here it is folks. I know its not the bigest or baddest but dayum, it shore is fun. :tard

Only 8k miles on it and I put 150 of them on it yesterday. :smiley:

This is the damage done when it got laid over. About $300 all together.


SWEET!!! :rock


looks fun man, congrats… I need one of those

And i swear you have a “newest toy” thread every other weak, lucky bastard :fu


I agree Congrates you are so Lucky :lol :lol :lol


nice…not big into bikes but still nice


Re: RE: My newest touyeee!!

[quote=OUZBnd]looks fun man, congrats… I need one of those

And i swear you have a “newest toy” thread every other weak, lucky bastard :fu[/quote]

:funnah :rofl My wife said the same thing! I promised her that the next “toy” was hers. She wants a Tanning bed and a hot tub but we’re only getting one or the other. :smiley:


hay now she should get both LOL you get your toys :lol :lol


She’ll prolly end up changing her mind and want something else by the time we get ready to get it anyways. Last night it was a convertible, this morning it was a tanning bed, now its a hot tub. Who knows what it will be tomorrow. :wtf


women cant live with them can’t blow there brains out with a revolver


Looks great Boss, I love bikes. :banana


Nice bike boss man. I love the color. How fast did you get her going?


Now you have something that will even outpace my redline. :smiley:


You are a dick and i hate you

You lucky bastard :smiley: :lol i am getting one…soon. How much you pay for it/specs?


C’mon now Tang, dont hate the playah hate the game. :smiley: I gave $2500 and I bought it from a close friend. I did alot of th work on it when he first bought it so I know the bike pretty well. We put a Yoshimura RS3 full race exhaust on it, K&N Rejet kit , K&N air filter, did some trimming on the rear fender, added carbon fiber turn signals and a larger Avon tire on the rear and a lower profile Avon tire on the front. All together about $1500 worth of mods. So far the fastest Ive had it up to is 135. Its a TOTALY different rush than a car. :smiley:


i was thinking about getting a bike last summer. My cousing was trying to sell me his limited edition kawasaki ninja 900 with a small nitrous shot. I didnt think that would be a good starter bike for me :smiley:


looks like fun. BUT BE CAREFUL!!!


Re: RE: My newest touyeee!!

damn, prolly not. im looking into a cbr 600 for mah first one. but i need to go to motorcycle school and all that good shiz first. i bet its one hell of a rush. i cant wait. i want one i want one i want one!!! :lol cool tho, be safe, but ride hard :rock


Nice B Man!

How’s the Cleveland project coming along??


OMG Steed, It was awesome…
…for 3 whole days. :tard the damn thing locked smooth up on me while idling in the driveway!! :dunno I have NO idea what the hell happened to it. It had a good 50 lbs of oil pressure and was still cold. Oh well, back to the drawing board. Got some good sound clips of it tho. :dunno