My personal favorite Games

Hitman Blood Money
Hitman 2
Hitman Bloody Contracts
Def Jam Fight for NY
Final fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VIII

Yeah i dont play games much, but there are NONE better then those.

You really need to expand your gaming selection if those are the best games you’ve played. I am sorta with you on FF VII, it was amazing when it came out, its a little outdated now though.

Yeah i like other games, but those games above are one sill still play years from now. there are days when i crank out my super nintendo and get yoshi’s island in. thats a classic game

yeah, I do that sometimes too. Just yesterday I was playin duck hunt. never gets old :slight_smile:

I didnt really dig hit man. Good concept, but the game play was lacking. IMO

Yeah it takes alot of patience for it man. It can take hours to complete one mission

God of War FTW!

i fucking love the Hitman series games.

Still cant beat starcraft. That game introduced me to hours lost playing a game.

I still have starcraft for the nintendo 64 somewhere. i played it, and it was alright. dont think i will buy the PC version. doesnt seem too great

Actually, you may wanna try it on pc. Its a much smoother game with mouse and keyboard.

heh i was terrible at it anyways. the best i could do is beat 3 computers. But im only good playin with the human’s. I just go massive marines on everyones asses

LOL I’d bust out the protoss air carriers. Those things fuggin own!

Currently I am playing

World of Warcraft – Azzokk 68 NE Durid – Thrall Server
Lord of The Rings Online --Gilias – 15 Champion – Lanlovr Server
Titan Quest.

Dont own a console system…yet… but I really would like to get a 360…


^^^^^ Wtf has this shit got to do with the topic? Stop spamming please!

edit - Sorry azzockk, that wasn’t directed at you, just at the spammer whose post has now been removed. Carry on!

damn spamzors.
anyways, Im selling all my FF games for psx. Ive got about 20, I dont know how I wound up with so many!

My all time favorite game is Xenogears. Best RPG ever made IMO.

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VIII

Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid II

Dead or Alive 3

Dance Dance Revolution

Madden NFL 2053

and the game that started it all:



Such a great game. Earthworm Jim as well.

lol…I remember playing the demo for the PS1 version of MGS1 5 times a day until the game actually came out.

I wouldnt say the best. But a very very very good one. :smiley: