MY SPACE Anyone?


was wondering how many of you are addicts of this site?!

got signd up recently… its pretty addicting…

whoever has myspace guve out ur e-mails so we can add eachother

here is mine:


i have myspace, but I dont use it often. I probably check it once a month or so.


i have one but barely use it

facebook is alot better, because its just college people.


how do you get your page to look like that?? I want my page to look cool too!!


That’s mine. I check messages on there about once a day, but ever since V invited me to this site, I haven’t been addicted to MySpace.


Re: RE: MY SPACE Anyone?

[quote=sp3nis]i have one but barely use it

facebook is alot better, because its just college people.[/quote]

haha nice

i like your freinds… a lot… :smiley:

present u BISH


haha added you too, yeah i usually try to accept only the girls :smiley: :smiley:

hrmm vericona google for PIMP MY MYSPACE or something

ahh fuck ill do it for ya

edit i cant find it when i get back from florida ill help ya


yeah i was looking at your guys site. matt you got some good looking friends on there. very hot. seems like you just had a birthday. happy belated b-day. and veronica your site dont work.


I used my trusty website design skills to “pimp” my page. I didn’t go to college for nothin.


Re: RE: MY SPACE Anyone?

what skillz we talkinz about?


You seen my profile on there.

But I’m not going to mislead you, I only went to college for 2 quarters, but I sure know more about it than some do!


basic html?

lol… idk any except maybe html (basic is an understatement for moi) and maybe some scripting using vb… i know vb6, but vbscript is a little different…

right now im just talking to anyone who is posting cuz i aint tired…

we need the damn chat feature now joe!!! :lol


I’ve got Studio MX 2004 which has Dreamweaver, Flash, Freehand, and Fireworks. I know HTML and some JS, but I aint too good at it.



lol, just kididng…

but really, you got more smarts than i do… :tard


Ya damn skippy. don’t be hatin’



ok fuggers this is me lol


Re: RE: MY SPACE Anyone?

:fu :fu ty ty ty


mine is, come on by and send me a message!


Re: RE: MY SPACE Anyone?

click and poof:

Sorry! an unexpected error has occurred.

This error has been forwarded to MySpace’s technical group


yeah that happens