My vacation to vermont


ok well here is from my boardwalk to our pier.

driving through boston, coming from boston logan intl.

more driving

me in 2005 grand cherokee

where we stayed, it was a bed and breakfast in the center of vermont

me, my dad, and my brother

off teh lift

off teh slope

in teh cottage

teh younger brother

teh me



looks like you had alot of fun!!


oh we did, we went to sugarbush mountain.


Hey StangTang, What part of Vermont did you go to? I brought my girl to a Bed & Breakfast in Stowe, Vermont for our Anniversary…j/w


it was very close to waitsfield, which is a little southwest of montpelier. the bed and breakfast was killer, very nice people.


Ya the people in Vermont are very nice/friendly people


looks like a lot of fun! :banana


Wow, Vermont is beautiful!!! I should go to more places and explore the US more. I never leave Cali. I am going to Colorado for the first in Aug for a family reunion.


Damn man, looks like it was fun. I wish i had a chance to get up there this year. I’ve been up to killington VT 4-5 times to go skiing, its a blast


I heard that Mt. Snow was the place to be over there for snowboarders…i wanna go so bad


oh my god is vermont pretty, the snow was fantastic, it was the best skiing conditions they had all winter. for that weekend it snowed around 10 inches and sunday was all sun and fresh powder. we tore it up. haha i guess thats florida good luck for ya


Nice pics dude! Really nice looking place. Never been to Vermont, but I have been to Boston. Did you just pass through there or did you make any stops? All I can say is that I have never in my life seen so many women with teh big hoo hoo’s in one town. Must be something in the water there. Maybe it was all that tea they dumped in the water like a thousand years ago when they had that big party there. :smiley:


ive been to 5 or 6 different mountains between maine to vermont. (first time for vermont though) last year we went to colorado and visited keystone for three days and vail for two. vail is a wicked mountain. but i like the mountains up north better.


looks like a blast.

did anyone else notice that all 3 of you look stoned? lol.


haha i guess thats what the cold will do to you


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looks down among other things /looks down


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Colorado is awsome :rock


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dammnit we werent in boston long enough for me to recognize that, damnit, im gonna have to go back now :banana but the tits in veermont were vewy nice :smiley:


Cool pics man. Snowy weather is the best. It takes a miracle to get snow here


even with mirracles we get no snow :dunno