My vehicles **56k go make a sammich**


Here are a few pics of my 2 vehicles:

1995 Ford Ranger Splash:

future plans include: air ride suspenison, 3" body drop, 18" wheels, 4-link, roll pan, shave some stuff…and lots more.

i paid $1200 for it with a blown up motor. its currently at the shop getting ready for its new motor…another 3.0L v6.

1990 Acura Integra GS:

the only mods done to it are: 2.25" custom bent exhaust, Magnaflow hi-flow catalytic convertor, Racing Medallion style muffler, JVC cd player and Sony X-plod 3-way speakers and Ford Escort GT wheels that are crap. this WAS going to be my project car but i recently bought the truck pictured above so this car will be sidelined for awhile and/or sold.


they look nice and clean. :slight_smile:


thanks :smiley:

right now my truck is in the shop getting a new engine put in it. i cant wait to start driving that thing. im getting tired of driving that POS Integra.


lol… well hopefully it will be fixed soon. I had a friend that had one of those rangers, and his motor blew up too… :frowning:


when I was 14 I wanted that same truck you have soooooo bad. A yellow ford splash was my dream, then I bought the Saleen relealized what my real dream was. :banana very nice though


A little welcome to the gang pic for ya dropped, LOL




Good observations Boozey :smiley:


:rofl Boozie!!

that was my brothers shit that he left in there after i bought the truck from him, which i returned (the stuff not the truck). LOL but i love that pic you did…LMMFAO


:banana It just caught meh ehh. :usa


That pics from right here in Fort Wayne.

You need to come back up here man. I’m so fuckin bored on the weekends now that i quit arby’s

I fo’got that your truck was yeller colored.

What’s up with the engine shit? did you get your money back for the 95 engine yet?


im taking the wrong engine back wednesday and getting my money back. got the right engine for it this past thursday and had it delivered to the garage on friday. i went to the garage friday afternoon and they had only 2 bolts to remove to get the old engine out. i should have the truck back by wednesday evening and on the road next weekend. i cant wait.



booze, it looks like you gave our new guy a good welcome :slight_smile: lol :banana


Well I see Boozie up to normal :lol :lol