My Yellow Ribbon


I was digging through online back-issues of my hometown newspaper a little while ago and ran across something that still has me in shock to this very moment. I seen an obituary for my old friend Paul whom I went to school with. It really pisses me off that no one from home even told me about this.


im really sorry to hear that and im sorry your friends dint tell you. how long have you known him for?


Thats sad, why didn’t your friends tell you?


That sucks


Apparently my best friend figured that I would be better off not knowing about it. She knows I have friends here on Ft. Polk that are getting deployed soon, and I guess she didn’t want me worrying about them. I know that’s not an excuse to not tell me, but goddamn it I could have been there for the funeral. It never really hit me that this war shit is real, until now.


Are you pissed at her? I would be.


I’d be pretty pissed if I were close to the guy, I mean you didn’t get to be there for the funeral or anything. If i wasn’t really close to him, i’d be pissed that nobody told me, but not nearly as mad if I was good friends with him.

Sorry to hear that your friends didn’t think to tell you :frowning: