Nazi music vs Soviet music


I tried to post only war-time versions for nazi and soviet music, especially those of military context or . It was a nightmare to find versions of popular soviet songs that weren’t sung by the Red Army Choir. Tankies are really fond of it.

I have excluded Cold War era soviet songs -partly because nazi songs are no competition to those and it wouldn’t be fair-, and pre-War soviet songs with the exception of ones that were very famous in the war, like “Farewell of Slavianka”, because most songs from the Russian Civil War are very very folkish. I have also excluded from the list of “nazi songs” German music from the pre-nazi era.

So, who do you think had the best music at their disposal? Hitler or Stalin?



(Die Braune Kompanie)[/details]



(The Sacred War)

(March of the Defenders of Moscow)

(Farewell of Slavianka)

(Polyushka Polye)

(Long Live our Country)

(Invincible and Legendary)

(Song of the Artillerymen)

  • Nazi Germany
  • Soviet Union

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both sound shit give me oasis anyday


F***ing hipster, put your back against the wall.


oasis is more chav less hippie but fuk u dirty commie





Degenerate consumerist music ain’t enjoyable, dude.

Great, now I have helped derail MY OWN THREAD.


Communist music isn’t enjoyable

listen up music is SuBjEcTiVe

but I have a feeling you’ll like this one


Petty liberal celebrity music isn’t enjoyable.

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this songs proceedings go to foodbanks and the peoples assembly against austerity





Did I at any point say they did or did not?


so it’s socialist and the singer isn’t celeb


that doesn’t mean the song itself is enjoyable


my main point was music is subjective


saying proceedings go to charity has nothing to do with whether or not music enjoyability is objective or subjective


Objectively speaking the most enjoyable music from WW2 is American war-pop (Heil Andrews Sisters) and anyone who disagrees is a fgt.

However, if I was forced to choose, then Nazi music is probably better. But that’s only because of the Prussian influence. They are dull as fuck otherwise.


Nazi music sounds more glorious to my ears but it’s a tough-call. Both had great music.

I think Nazi music is more regimented, which I prefer. To begin with, Nazi music is more militaristic than the Soviets’ anyways, at least to my ears.


@StrangeSignal you forgot this little schatz, but soviet music is to die for, imma vote soviet for now.


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