Nazi music vs Soviet music


Doesn’t do anything for me, really.

(on a side-note, I’d say that’s much more similar to Soviet music than anything).

There’s just something magical about the regimented, boot-stomping music of the Nazis. Erika > Doki-no-Sakura for me.


imperialism intensifies


Perfidious Albion strikes again.


ffs I took my time to post only military-related music and you use war pop here. There are more than plenty of those for either the nazis and the soviets.

I have seen some socialist musicians I know criticize it because of the lack of a consistent rythm.

Mind you, I used only wartime songs. Cold War-era soviet music is so much better it’s just not fair


against the _wonder_wall?


Between the wall and the firing platoon.


I agree


Soviets come out really strong with their anthem, but I like the underlying tones and sounds used by the German songs more, particularly the drums.


It was hard for their musical competitors to keep up when they were dead and occupied lmao


That’s the other reason I didn’t include them, lol