Need help (MD, 2000).. phpbb questions


I have my own hosting and sites off of it, and one of them has a forum on it (offered free from bravenet). I want to build a forum like this one (only smaller, more basic) off of one of my sites. I have downloaded the software from but have no idea how it works. Will it be just code I alter and upload to my file manager? Will one of you cats give me a “brief” rundown of how to use phpbb from download to finished product?


This is no question for me to answer. lol

MD or Lemon might be able to help.


unfortunately, lemon knows less than si, i cant even move a topic from one section to another :tard

it seems that md may be the only one to help, maybe vs, shes getting smarter with all this stuff now, so maybe she could help.



its code… We downloaded the site, then uploaded it to our phpBB FTP…

Ill let joe give you the run down, he is a PRO by now.


You can find all the information you need in their comunity

First read the PhpBB users guide

The install guide

And the Knowledge base

I also found the FAQ section very usefull

Their is so much to know to set up a site for the first time, that you should devote a night to just reading up on it.

I hope this helps you.


Tim gave you some good links. In a nutshell you just upload your files, create a database, and run the installation file.


So all of the editing and set up is done after an FTP transfer of all the files I received in the download? The look of the site, logos, etc?


yes. the visual stuff is in the templates folder.